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When it comes to litigation, individuals and businesses need effective
prevention and strong advocacy. Before fully engaging in the litigation
process, a proper evaluation of the claim at the earliest stage possible is highly
recommended. Such evaluation helps in selecting the best approach for each
matter. At Bhatia & Associates, prior to full-blown litigation, we may attempt
a favorable settlement by: negotiating on your behalf prior to litigation;
participating in alternative dispute resolution vehicles (such as mediation or
arbitration); or continuing negotiations while aggressively engaging in the
litigation process. Our experienced and effective trial team is prepared to
litigate your matter through trial. Our goal with respect to dispute resolution is
to develop a strategy that will enable you to achieve the results you want in
the most cost-effective manner possible. The following are some of the
specific areas where we have assisted our clients:

   Employment Law Disputes                   
   Contract Disputes                      
   Commerical Disputes
   Corporate Law Disputes
   Real Estate Disputes        
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